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5 Steps to a Paperless Office

Operating a paperless office is a gradual process and there are many steps involved in reducing paper usage. With new technology of cloud-based applications it is becoming increasingly easier to achieve a paperless office. Consider the following five steps:

  1. Conduct an Audit of your printing – To assess how much you are printing, print audit software can be useful. This allows you to keep track of who is printing what and when.
  2. Calculate potential cost savings – Quality accounting software can be used to assess all print-related expenses. This includes printers, ink or toner, paper, storage and technical support and service contracts.
  3. Use online applications – Cloud based applications allow you to share documents easily will clients and suppliers. For instance, Google Docs allows you to collaborate on documents and Dropbox or Box allows you to share files. Over useful cloud-based applications include; Basecamp (project management), Evernote (digital notes) and PayPal (transfer funds).
  4. Training – Train your staff to ensure they can process digital files.
  5. Scan paperwork – Scan any paperwork you receive so that you can store paperwork in PDF format. A scanning company can be used if the workload is too great.
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