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The Xero Bookkeeping Revolution

This online and fully automated accounting and bookkeeping software system was a game changer right from the very start. Xero blasted its way onto the business scene in Australia in around 2010 and has been steadily gaining traction ever since. The first thing you notice about Xero is that it is totally intuitive. You don't [...]

Benefits of Operating a Paperless Office

Offices generate a lot of paperwork. The efficiency of your business can be reduced by having too much paper. There are many benefits of having a paperless office, including: Fast access to information By having digital documents you can store, index and search much faster than paper documents. Decreased clutter and increased space Paperwork is [...]

5 Steps to a Paperless Office

Operating a paperless office is a gradual process and there are many steps involved in reducing paper usage. With new technology of cloud-based applications it is becoming increasingly easier to achieve a paperless office. Consider the following five steps: Conduct an Audit of your printing - To assess how much you are printing, print audit software [...]

Why Do You Need a Bookkeeper?

To record details of every financial transaction for your business takes time and it may not be a task that you have time to understand or enjoy. By appointing a bookkeeper they can lighten the day-to-day load by recording receipts, invoices and other transactions. This leaves you more time to concentrate on the running of [...]

Business Automation using Outsourcing

Fiverr and Upwork are two examples of online platforms where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. These two websites are both global, so you can easily employ a freelancer in the USA or the UK to do a one off, or a repetitive job. The beauty of these two services, and other services like [...]